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Ayahuasca, Bodhisattvas & Ascension with Stasia Bliss

Our guest is Stasia Bliss, kundalini coach, multi-dimensional nutritionist and conscious mental health educator who is also the creator of Earth Magik ArtCreations where she makes magical instruments such as magical wands and Orgonite crystals to assist people in accessing life-force energy and magnifying their calling, along with Immortal Nature art and jewelry to bring a little Gaia energy home with you and wherever you go. Stasia is a oneness field facilitator and multi-time published author and speaker who teaches and speaks on subjects of consciousness and empowerment. She is also a mother to 2 boys and loves to travel and story-tell. Visit her at

We cover:
* What is the work the bodhisattvas are doing here now and what does mastery look like?
* Where is the planet in the ascension process?
* Beyond healing ourselves, reality creation is actually occurring in high-level ayahuasca ceremonies -- what does this look like and what are the potential benefits?

Your host is Tara Rose, soul purpose coach and intuitive healer who facilitates both cannabis and kambo sessions for clients. Visit her at

Cannabis & Emotional Liberation with Becca Williams

In this episode, we cover:

* How cannabis can be used to heal emotional trauma

* What happens in a cannabis ceremony

* The endocannabinoid system and psychological wellbeing

* Becca's philosophy, techniques & favorite ways to work with the herb

* Spirituality and the "third wave" of cannabis in the US

Our guest is Becca Williams, a cannabis ceremonialist and clinical nutritionist based in Denver, Colorado (soon to be moving to Florida!) who works with the herb to bring her participants emotional liberation, using her own spin on Eastern meditation techniques. Her website is

Our host Tara Rose also shares a little bit about her own approach to facilitating cannabis ceremonies in Portland, where she takes a different angle, more towards guiding her participants into expanded states of oneness and connection with the higher self. Visit Tara at

The Toad: 5 MEO DMT with Joel Brierre

Discussed in this episode:

* What is a "full release" on toad medicine and what does it feel like?


* Who should NOT work with the toad?

* What role is the toad playing in the expansion of the Universe?

* What are some safety issues coming up with facilitators?

* How can yogic philosophy help people integrate peak experiences?

Our guest is Joël Karamdeep Singh Brierre began his relationship with psychedelics as a teenager in an exploratory manner. Marveling at the chance to explore the unexplored, Joël began training with Curanderos in Peru in 2001 where he further pursued these heightened states of awareness. Eventually shifting his focus into a deep and devoted yoga practice, he began teaching yoga and meditation and soon moved on to India to study in an ashram setting in Rishikesh. From there he traveled all around the world, soaking up knowledge and sharing what he’d learned. He was reintroduced to plant medicine in 2009 while living in the Caribbean, and began to incorporate it into his yoga practice. Joël took on various mentors in the medicine world, learning all he could about holding sacred space, and safe practices. With this combination of knowledge, Joël now leads retreats and workshops around the world on the plant medicine and yoga connection.

With over 10 years of teaching and multiple teacher trainings, Joël is certified at 500 ERYT. Joël works with the venom of the Bufo Alvarius toad, which contains the compound 5-MeO-DMT as well as working with the pure molecule itself. This compound is said to be the most powerful entheogen on the planet, allowing participants to experience a non-dual state of awareness in which they cease to view reality as an individual and are completely absorbed into the infinite. Joël believes the toad medicine’s effect of a non-dual experience is congruent with the Samadhi states that can be attained through yoga. He assists individuals through pre and post integration using a program he has derived from the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali.

 Visit Joel at

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Psychedelic Integration & Resistance with Greg Lawrence

* What are the root causes of psychological resistance in sacred medicine journeys?

* What can we do to prepare for journeys?

* How can we best integrate psychedelic experiences?

Our guest today is Greg Lawrence, psychedelic integration and transformation coach, energy worker, certified neuro-linguistic programming practitioner and leader in the Southern California psychedelic community. He works as a psychedelic integration coach one-on-one through the Transpersonal Counseling Center, Psychedelic Experience Integration, Innerspace Integration, and facilitates community circles. Visit him at

Visit your host Tara at

Iboga & Forgiveness Medicine with Ana Holub

What's the connection between addiction, pain and forgiveness?

What is forgiveness and how do we give it to ourselves?

What are the ego's sneaky traps that keep us stuck?

Plus: Ana shares her visions and profound insights she learned on the African plant medicine Iboga.

Our guest is Ana Holub, forgiveness expert, counselor, poet and author of "Forgive and Be Free: A Step-by-Step Guide to Release, Healing and Higher Consciousness"

Contact Ana at

Visit your host Tara at

Psychic Defense & Essential Oils with Arin Fugate

How do demons, aka negative or malevolent spirits, affect us and how can we shield ourselves?

What are some of the best essential oils for psychic protection?

What foods feed negativity and what are some dietary changes can we make to support our shamanic sensitivity?

Plus: What is the history of essential oils?
How is it that oneness consciousness and the frequency of unconditional love are the ultimate protection?
Oils for childbirth and postpartum!

Our guest is Arin Fugate, a highly intuitive plant spirit medicine woman who works deeply with essential oils and is a leader in the DoTerra organization. Visit her at

Visit your host Tara at
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Gaia & the Psychedelic Revolution with Rak Razam

How are the sacred medicines healing the planet?

How do they help us reach our full potential as human beings on the spiritual path?

How are psychedelics restoring the psychological rift between society & nature, taking us from egoic materialism to oneness consciousness?

What are some of the gifts of toad medicine, ayahuasca and hape'?

Includes beautiful healing flute music by Kari Champoux. Editing by Jayson Harris.

Our guest today is Rak Razam, a filmmaker and experiential journalist bridging the gap between pop culture and shamanism. He is the host of the psychedelic "In a Perfect World" podcast, leads medicine journeys to Peru and speaks on toad medicine.

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