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Gaia & the Psychedelic Revolution with Rak Razam

How are the sacred medicines healing the planet?

How do they help us reach our full potential as human beings on the spiritual path?

How are psychedelics restoring the psychological rift between society & nature, taking us from egoic materialism to oneness consciousness?

What are some of the gifts of toad medicine, ayahuasca and hape'?

Includes beautiful healing flute music by Kari Champoux. Editing by Jayson Harris.

Our guest today is Rak Razam, a filmmaker and experiential journalist bridging the gap between pop culture and shamanism. He is the host of the psychedelic "In a Perfect World" podcast, leads medicine journeys to Peru and speaks on toad medicine.

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Psychic Defense & Essential Oils with Arin Fugate

How do demons, aka negative or malevolent spirits, affect us and how can we shield ourselves?

What are some of the best essential oils for psychic protection?

What foods feed negativity and what are some dietary changes can we make to support our shamanic sensitivity?

Plus: What is the history of essential oils?
How is it that oneness consciousness and the frequency of unconditional love are the ultimate protection?
Oils for childbirth and postpartum!

Our guest is Arin Fugate, a highly intuitive plant spirit medicine woman who works deeply with essential oils and is a leader in the DoTerra organization. Visit her at

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Iboga & Forgiveness Medicine with Ana Holub

What's the connection between addiction, pain and forgiveness?

What is forgiveness and how do we give it to ourselves?

What are the ego's sneaky traps that keep us stuck?

Plus: Ana shares her visions and profound insights she learned on the African plant medicine Iboga.

Our guest is Ana Holub, forgiveness expert, counselor, poet and author of "Forgive and Be Free: A Step-by-Step Guide to Release, Healing and Higher Consciousness"

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Psychedelic Integration & Resistance with Greg Lawrence

* What are the root causes of psychological resistance in sacred medicine journeys?

* What can we do to prepare for journeys?

* How can we best integrate psychedelic experiences?

Our guest today is Greg Lawrence, psychedelic integration and transformation coach, energy worker, certified neuro-linguistic programming practitioner and leader in the Southern California psychedelic community. He works as a psychedelic integration coach one-on-one through the Transpersonal Counseling Center, Psychedelic Experience Integration, Innerspace Integration, and facilitates community circles. Visit him at